Committee Hours Administration

   Committee Chairpersons can manage their committee volunteer hours utilizing the link to the password
    protected page below:

Log Trail or Wilderness Patrol Hours and Observations
View Statistics for all Hikes since Sept 2016

    Members can log their hours, complete their Summary Report Form, and email
    information on graffiti, trail maintenance issues and wildlife observations utilizing the password protected
    link below: 

Log Administrative Hours 

​    FOF officers, Board Members and Committee Chairpersons should log their administrative hours
    to manage our organization utilizing the password protected link below

Friends of the Forest
Sedona, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona

For password assistance, please contact the FOF Webmaster.
Trail Management Dashboard

​Committee chairpersons and Forest Service personnel who maintain trails can access trail maintenance observations from the FoF Trails phone app or the FoF website. They can also keep track of the status of maintenance items. Maintenance areas include Graffiti, Signage, Trail Work, Wildlife and Additional.  Access is via the password protected link below.
JHA Forms 

​Once every year beginning October 1st, all actively volunteering FOF members must sign a JHA for each activity in which they actively participate. To access your JHA and digitally sign a JHA, select the password protected link below: