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our article in the Sedona Red Rock News

Grafitti and Vandalism Destroy Our History

I suppose graffiti has existed even before the building of the Egyptian pyramids. In the millennia following, these writings served to tell a story, provide information about the location of water, indicate directions, warnings about enemies, crop planting schedules,...

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Formation of Trail Ambassador Program

Last year the Friends received a call from the Red Rock Ranger District asking for volunteers to assist staff on a special project to help visitors to Bell and Bruce Brockett Trails avoid heat related injuries. With record breaking number of days exceeding 100+...

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The Little Things We Look At Today

Sedona Friends of the Forest volunteers have had many opportunities thru the years to do interesting and valuable work in the Red Rock District. In early 2020, prior to the full impact of Covid, a new opportunity presented itself. Discussions with several members of...

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