The Most Beautiful Place on Earth. That’s how the Sedona Chamber of Commerce describes our amazing Red Rock surroundings. That’s probably what most of us thought when we first visited here and ultimately decided to become residents. But as more and more people discover the beauty of Sedona, our pristine Natural Forest is in danger of being loved to death by visitors and residents alike. What can ordinary citizens do to help?

Join us on Thursday, February 27th at 2:00pm, as Sedona Friends of the Forest (FOF) hosts a New Member Welcome event in the Administration Building just below the Red Rock Ranger Station Visitor Center on State Route 179, just south of the Village Of Oak Creek. We look forward to seeing not only new members, but also anyone who wants to learn more about our activities and is considering joining our organization.

Beginning at 2:00pm, attendees can sign in at the Administration Building then continue down the corridor the to meeting room at the back of the building. The program will begin with a short video and welcome from our FOF President, followed by presentations from FOF committee chairpersons, who will describe their various activities, such as graffiti removal, trail maintenance, and construction, trail patrol, visitor information services, photo documentation of archaeological sites, River Range support, water sampling, air quality monitoring, or participating in one of the many special projects directed by our local Wildlife Biologist. In addition to the “boots on the ground” activities, there are also a number of administrative tasks to which volunteers can contribute including publicity, educational lecture topics, website design and maintenance, treasury functions and special events participation such as V-V Days, Smokey’s Birthday Party, Hummingbird feeding and Star Parties at the Ranger Station. Whatever your interests, there are so many ways you can help preserve the wonder that is Sedona. At the end of the presentations you will have an opportunity to speak to the various committee chairs, ask questions and learn more about your specific interests.

As we enter 26th year of partnership with the Red Rock Ranger District, Friends volunteers help fill the gap between limited staff and District resources and the every-growing need to protect the land, service its visitors and educate the public about the value of “Leave no Trace”. New volunteers are always welcome.  Every year, new members bring new and different skills to our organization. New committees are being formed every year.  Come and discover how volunteering with Friends of The Forest can not only help preserve this valuable natural resource, but will give you the opportunity to forge new friendships and participate in the wide range of activities and educational experiences available to members.

But even if you don’t participate in single committee, your membership contribution helps insure the future of our organization and its activities, assuring that the most beautiful place on earth remains that way for generations to come. Mark you calendar for Thursday, February 27th at 2:00pm. For more information about the Friends, go to:

Serving Sedona, written this week by Noreen Lisowski, membership chair of Friends of the Friends of the Forest, appears Wednesday in the Sedona Red Rock News.