Friends of the Forest Sedona Activities

Earn Your Badge

Local members volunteer over 30,000 hours each year participating in many interesting and rewarding activities in support of the Red Rock Ranger District. There’s no shortage of activities and projects that need your help, both indoors and out. We encourage you to be active in as many as possible. Some of these include:

Trail Patrol

The primary activity of the Trail Patrol members is to hike Forest Service Trails, while wearing Forest Service Volunteer identification so that they are recognizable to other trail users and visitors and can act as goodwill ambassadors for the Forest Service, promoting safety and ethical use of the forest.

Trail Maintenance & Construction

The Trail Maintenance and Construction (TMC) committee is a dedicated group of volunteers who work mainly outdoors maintaining existing trails, and at the request of the U. S. Forest Service (USFS), creates new trails. The group also responds to many requests from the USFS.

Visitor Information Services

VIS volunteers are at the front desk of the Ranger Station and Visitor Center to provide accurate and concise information about recreation on the Coconino National Forest around Sedona.

Cultural Resources & Protection

Cultural Resources members are docents who provide information to visitors about the ancient cultures that once lived at or visited the Palatki/Red Cliffs and V-Bar-V Heritage Sites. Members also conduct site photography and site recording

Fossil Creek Air Sampling

Volunteers assist the Forest Service with the weekly replacement of air sampling filters used to monitor air quality as part of the implementation of the Federal Clean Air Act regulations. Members use a FS vehicle to drive to the remote site, replace filters, log data and return the exposed filters for delivery to a laboratory for analysis.

Water Sampling

Members have been sampling the water of Oak Creek since 1999. Collections are made year-round at nine specific sites in Oak Creek and Fossil Creek that have been selected as frequently used by swimmers, picnickers and hikers.

River Ranger Support

The “River Rats” as they call themselves, support the Forest Service rangers who patrol the federally protected “Wild and Scenic” portion of the Verde River between Camp Verde and Cave Springs.

Graffiti Removal

The Graffiti Removal Team works in conjunction with the Forest Service removing graffiti from the Forest while protecting our critical archaeological sites.

Interpretive & Educational Programs

The Interpretive/Educational Program Committee organizes classroom talks, demonstrations and hikes for both adults and youth to learn about the heritage, geology, plants and animals of this very special place.

Wildlife/Fish/Rare Plant Projects

W/F/RP volunteers work on a host of projects that are coordinated by the district wildlife biologist. If your interests include learning more about the flora and fauna of the area, there are projects that may appeal to you.

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