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Wet Seasons Don’t Fix Drought

As a hydrologist for the National Forest Service, I’m constantly evaluating the rainfall we receive. We’ve had a pretty wet fall, winter, and early spring here on the Coconino National Forest.  In fact, if you look all the way back to this past summer with its very...

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Removing Graffiti on Patinated Rocks

Sedona, Arizona is well known for its beautiful red rock cliffs and spires but it’s being loved to death by its 2.5 million annual visitors.  Too often, hikers and sight-seers mark our red rocks with scratches, charcoal, and even paint, leaving an ugly mess for...

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Graffiti Removal – See Something, Say Something

The “See Something, Say Something” mantra as expressed by the Law Enforcement Officers of the Forest Service is something we in the Graffiti Removal team hope that every hiker follows.   If you see graffiti when you’re hiking our trails, please report it! The Red Rock...

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