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our monthly article in the Sedona Red Rock News

Why I Volunteer

Before retiring I had no plans to be an active volunteer. After a career in IT that concluded with a role as a Project Manager, all I wanted to do was de-stress and relax. For two years I was quite successful in this new vocation – doing as little as possible. I...

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Learn the Language of Public Lands

It is not only visitors to the American West who can be confused by the multitude of categories of public lands: National Park, National Forest, National Monument, Bureau of Land Management, Wilderness Area, Wildlife Refuge, Recreation Area and more. More than half of...

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Carving a Tree Hurts

A digital sign board greets visitors and residents traveling Highway 179 toward the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona, prominently stating: “YOUR PUBLIC LANDS, YOUR HERITAGE, RECREATE WITH RESPECT.” These words are embedded in the Leave No Trace philosophy we are...

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