Graffiti Removal Committee

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The Graffiti Removal Team works with the Forest Service to remove graffiti from the Forest. All graffiti removal must be pre-approved by the Forest Service Archaeologist to prevent damage to archaeological sites and to protect certain historic graffiti.

Studies have shown that rapid removal of graffiti tends to limit future occurrences, so our team’s task is to respond rapidly to reported graffiti and to remove it quickly.

Team members have developed various skill levels primarily by their on the job experiences. New volunteers are always encouraged and existing team members are the best mentors to new volunteers. Work sessions are scheduled on an as needed basis and are usually around four hours in duration. The work entails moderate hand labor to remove scratched, painted and other graffiti. Field teams can be large or small, as required by the Forest Service.

Eradicating graffiti as soon as it’s discovered limits future growth, so this group is vital for long-term Forest conservation.