Wildlife, Fish, Rare Plant Projects

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Wildlife/Fish/Rare Plant volunteers can sign up for a host of projects that are coordinated by the District Wildlife Biologist, Janie Agyagos. Her current list of approximately 30 initiatives includes peregrine nest monitoring (pictured), North American bat acoustical monitoring (pictured), milkweeds for a monarch butterfly waystation, a roadside weed inventory, Arizona toad surveys and recording, Johnson grass eradication, pollinator photography, removal of unneeded range fencing, and many others. ​

Each year, the list of projects changes, as some long-term or one-time projects are completed, and others are begun. At any time, there is a broad range of initiatives that volunteers are involved in. These range from extremely easy to quite strenuous, and vary in duration from a couple of days to year-long. Whether your skills and interests include photography, construction, weed cutting, wildlife monitoring, hiking, or 4x4 driving, there are projects that may appeal to you.

For more information on the current projects that you can volunteer for, click here.