Trail Maintenance & Construction

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Volunteer for TM&C

TM&C volunteers work four to six hours most Fridays of the year. The group will occasionally work another day of the week, if requested by the USFS, but this is rare. TM&C volunteers perform light maintenance on trails that are not within the USFS’ Adopt-a-trail program. The volunteers perform more substantial maintenance on all trails, including Adopted trails. Work includes, removing brush from trails, removing rocks from trails, removing trees that have fallen across trails, and improving tread, as needed. Maintenance of tread includes creating means for water to escape from trails, preventing the erosion of the trail. Sometimes trails need rock armoring or steps to enhance the tread and prevent erosion.

This group has recently taken on the responsibility for making and installing trail signs.

Volunteers work on special projects requested by the USFS. Some of these projects have been working to build, repair or remove fences; establishing or improving access paths to cultural sites; removal of trailhead trash or elimination of illegal fire rings; and the cleanup of public picnic areas.

Besides the work, there is the camaraderie of the volunteers, the enjoyment of beautiful scenery, and the physical exercise that we all need to keep well.