Water Sampling

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Maintain Water Quality

Water sampling is a vitally important committee and its’ members have been sampling the water of Oak Creek since 1999. Collections are made year ’round at six specific sites that have been selected as frequently used by swimmers, picnickers and hikers.

Members of this committee work in tandem gathering a water sample and maintaining it at a low temperature until it is delivered to the State Laboratory at Slide Rock State Park. In conjunction a list of facts are gathered which include air temperature, water temperature, appearance of the water and its’ flow, the number of people in the area and the amount of trash and debris on the bank.

The sample provides an accurate assessment of the E.coli bacterial count at the specific sites and a means to compare with other sites and time periods. The data acquired is reported to the Forest Service and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. This data is used in management decisions regarding the desirability of swimming or bathing in Oak Creek. It also aids in evaluation the cause of water contamination and the safety of the entire watershed.