River Ranger Support

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“River Rat” Proud

​The “River Rats” are government driver licensed and certified by the forest service for trailer towing that allows them drive forest service rigs and pull government trailers. Two to three rigs and trailers are used to transport the river rangers, their inflatable kayaks, equipment and all of their supplies to and from the Verde River at several put in and take-out locations. In the past without volunteer help, from two to four forest service employees would need to be reassigned from other essential assignments just to do the transporting.

If the river trip is long, we resupply and bring back trash from the river locations, thus helping return the Verde River to a pristine state. Six to eight river trips are scheduled annually between November and March when the river is running high. Transportation trips for put-ins usually involve a half day while takeouts at Horse Shoe Lake can take more than 10 hours. The drive to Childs on the Verde River involves an 18 mile stretch of rough and challenging gravel road for trailer pulling. If you enjoy driving and the close camaraderie with the forest service rangers and other members of the “River Rats”, ask to be put in contact the “River Rats” committee chair.

Beasley Flats Launch

Horseshoe Reservoir Takeout