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our article in the Sedona Red Rock News

Hiking Safely During COVID

During the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly during spikes in cases when stricter restrictions are in place, we lose the ability to partake in many indoor activities. Many of us instead hit the trails and enjoy the beauty and comfort of hiking in Red Rock Country....

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Carving a Tree Hurts

A digital sign board greets visitors and residents traveling Highway 179 toward the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona, prominently stating: “YOUR PUBLIC LANDS, YOUR HERITAGE, RECREATE WITH RESPECT.” These words are embedded in the Leave No Trace philosophy we are...

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V-V Heritage Site Has Reopened

The V-Bar-V Petroglyph site south of the Village of Oak Creek is one of the most spectacular cultural resources in all of Arizona, and perhaps in the entire Southwest. It recently reopened to the public after having been closed due to the pandemic. For the past 5...

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