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our article in the Sedona Red Rock News

V Bar V Heritage Site

The largest known “rock art” site in the Verde Valley is the V Bar V Heritage Site.  Located just a few miles south of Sedona, the petroglyphs are on the grounds of the old V Bar V Ranch. This protected site, managed by the Red Rock Ranger District of the Coconino...

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Grafitti and Vandalism Destroy Our History

I suppose graffiti has existed even before the building of the Egyptian pyramids. In the millennia following, these writings served to tell a story, provide information about the location of water, indicate directions, warnings about enemies, crop planting schedules,...

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Formation of Trail Ambassador Program

Last year the Friends received a call from the Red Rock Ranger District asking for volunteers to assist staff on a special project to help visitors to Bell and Bruce Brockett Trails avoid heat related injuries. With record breaking number of days exceeding 100+...

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